The NEW French Cooperation Office for Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock is an Agriculture Institution funding by AFD and functioning inside Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock. NEW FCOMAIL is the lead office and focal point of the AFD at Ministry of Agriculture, Responsible to provide Facilities, Institutional & human resource Capacity building, Project development and Technical support to the Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and livestock as well to AFD Agriculture Funded projects within the country.

The vision of NEW FCOMAIL is a modernized agriculture culminating in a structurally transformed economy and evident in food security. NEW FCOMAIL looks for Agriculture of Afghanistan as a sector that will have sustainable agriculture activities contributing to poverty reduction, economic growth and comprehensive and integrated rural development.


The Mission of NEW FCOMAIL is to promote and work for sustainable agriculture and thriving agribusiness through research and technology development, effective extension and other support services to the farmer communities as well as to the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock to achieve its goals according to the Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) and National Priority programs (NPPs).


♦  Productivity:  Efficiency of resource use in all forms of organization and management in the public and private institutions is the departmental anthem. Limited recourses should be allocated efficiently.

♦  Quality: Ensure adoption and adherence to systems and processes that guarantee provision of products and services that meet customer’ need expectations.

♦  Innovation: Adapt and utilize latest and appropriate technology and practice in achieving efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.

  Teamwork:  Inculcated and practice a participatory approach in the conduct of all activities and operations of the department.

♦  Accountability: Demonstrate and take responsibility in all individual decisions and actions.

♦  Transparency: The person of the heart should be at one with the physical and the mental person in dealing with individuals, community and the public.

♦  Integrity: Uphold honesty, faithfulness and truthfulness in all decisions and actions

♦  Professionalism: The NEW FCOMAIL’s employees must perform their duties in a professional, ethical (open and honest) and value adding manner

♦  High Staff Morale: The NEW FCOMAIL is committed to facilitate a constructive and supportive work environment

♦  Development and recognition: The NEW FCOMAIL`s employees are recognized as its most valuable asset and therefore it aspires to ensure the ongoing development and recognition of an effective, professional team.

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