FCOMAIL English Language Proficiency Program

The FCOMAIL English Language Proficiency Program (ELP) has been created in response to the English language needs of MAIL staff in both technical and academic sectors. Stretching along a continuum from elementary to advanced, it is specially designed to accommodate MAIL staff with various levels of English language proficiency, and guide them towards the level that they are able to pursue their master’s degree. It takes into cognizance the fact that the participants are mature learners who already possess the knowledge, skills and expertise in their own fields, and that their need for proficiency in the English language is to pursue their master’s degree and enhance their communicative skills. An interactive, integrated, learner and learning centered approach will be adopted in order to make the course more interesting and effective. The course will also give due consideration to supporting and supplementary skills such as critical thinking, confidence building and collaborative learning, and adopt a spiral mode of teaching where knowledge and skills are reinforced progressively to enable a deeper and more-nuanced understanding of both.


The main objective is to enhance proficiency in the English language so that the course participants can communicate more effectively and efficiently in this language for the fulfillment of their various needs, specifically:

♦  To fulfill the master scholarship requirements

♦  To pursue academic activities conducted in the English language

♦  For professional and social interaction with people who use the English language

♦  A secondary objective is to equip course participants with sufficient motivation and tools to continue their learning of the language independently and beyond the exit point of the program.

 The program is tailor-made and delivers two kinds of English:

♦  Non-technical English (=General English): Its duration will be six months.

♦  Technical English (=Professional English): Its duration is four months.

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