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Panjshir Development Project

Project`s Title:  Strengthening the livestock value chain and training on livestock and agricultural techniques.
Beneficiary: MAIL (Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock)
Amount: Four hundred sixty one thousand and two hundred sixty nine Euro ( 461269 € )
1 For providing tools and equipment’s to build cooperative’s business infrastructure
2 For capacity building of cooperatives, DAIL staff & FCOMAIL staffFor capacity building of cooperatives, DAIL staff & FCOMAIL staff
3 For running the project
Exercise: DATE                  01/11/2013
EXPECTED END    31/07/2014

Project Background

The French Foreign Ministry and European Affairs will contribute with a grand to the Ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock (MAIL) to carry our actions of strengthening livestock an agriculture value chains in the province of Kapisa and district of Surobi.

These services fall under the treaty of cooperation and friendships signed in 2012 between France and Afghanistan and are in line with findings of the Joint Committee held if Paris in September 2013. They consist specifically to continue the development and support for producer groups and cooperatives that have been initiated by the FCO MAIL from 2010 to 2012, particularly in beekeeping poultry and dairy sectors.

General Objective

The project aims at contributing to stability and development in the province of Kapisa and the district of Surobi.

Specific objective

Specifically, the project aims at sustaining and strengthening the actions of agricultural and agro-processing development initiated since 2010 by FCO MAIL in the intervention area. The objectively verifiable indicators to achieve this objective are an increase of 15% of direct beneficiaries’` incomes thanks to activities of the project.

Expected results

     In order to achieve the specified objective, each one of the results below are expected.

  1. Cohesive groups such as self-help group and cooperatives exist, are run and used as marketing tools.

  2. The production sector is energized and increased volumes of honey, poultry, dairy products and seeds are sold.

  3. Local office and teams of DAIL are more active in the field, produce more soft data and reports and actively participate in the cooperative setting –up.


The direct beneficiaries of the project are the cooperators (cooperative members), the members of producer groups and, where appropriate, the site responsible employed by the groups (manager of incubators and dairies, hives managers). Total beneficiaries will be at least 1440 cooperative members with acceptable ratio of 320 euros invested per beneficiary.


Support and capacity building of beekeeping cooperatives

Support and capacity building of poultry cooperatives

Support and capacity building of Milk processing cooperatives

Support and capacity building of agriculture and seed multiplication cooperatives

Support and capacity building of DAIL offices

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